Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Seven Points of Posture for Meditation

A successful financial executive, Anil Jethmal has over 25 years of experience in the industry. To help himself relax and achieve a greater sense of focus for the upcoming day, Anil Jethmal enjoys meditating. 

While there are six primary meditation poses, include the quarter lotus and seiza, they all share the seven-point posture of Vairocana. Naturally, the first point of posture is sitting down, typically in a cross-legged position. The second point requires you to sit upright and elongate your spine to the point where it is straight as an arrow. Next, it's important to rest your hands, ideally on your lap with your elbow resting near your thigh, acting as an axis point and providing additional support for your spine. According to Kilung Rinpoche, author of "The Relaxed Mind," having your palms face down helps calm your body's flow of energy.

The fourth point of posture is to push your shoulders back slightly and let them relax, keeping your chest out. Next, slightly tuck your chin into your neck and let your mouth drop open to relax your face. Finally, the seventh point of posture is resting your gaze. Adopt a loose, unfocused gaze toward the ground in front of you, approximately three feet away. Alternatively, you can close your eyes. Proper posture will help quiet your mind for successful meditation.

Of Indian descent, but virtually a lifelong New Yorker, Anil Jethmal is often asked about the caste system in India.   Many confuse the ...